This is what ontological gerrymandering looks like

My “gender identity” is the subjective view I hold about my “gender,” which is the range of expressions I exhibit of my “gender identity,” and the objective existence of my subjective “gender identity” creates a real moral obligation in you and in the rest of humanity to affirm the content of that view, but not of other objectively existing views I hold about myself subjectively, but knowledge of the arrangements of chromosomes that actually exist in my body and determine what until very recently everyone considered to be objective sex differentiation is in reality just a social construct used to justify power relations, which exist in construct-independent, objective reality, so the government must use its power, which exists in construct-independent, objective reality, to suppress any dissent from my objective claim that sex is determined not by arrangements of sex-determining chromosomes that exist in objective reality, which is just a social construct, but rather by the content of my “gender identity,” which I determine subjectively, because all such dissent is objectively “hate speech.”

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