My hope for this blog is for it to become a long-running argument for realism, and for realism of particular cast. Not because I believe there are many realities, but because reality is by necessity a very particular thing. While I intend to write about many different topics, a common refrain will be realism and the folly of abandoning it to chase after something that seems new or exciting or revolutionary or liberating. Doing so always reveals itself in the long run to be a form of slavery. Whatever you prop up to take the place of reality will eventually become your master, a false god who demands from your intellect and moral intuition ever more elaborate and garish sacrifices in exchange for maintaining the illusion.

The author

I am not a professional philosopher, lawyer, theologian, statistician, scientist, economist, or political theorist. If you are looking for expertise, this isn’t your place.

What I am is a relatively educated, intellectually curious layperson. I have studied rhetoric, so I can usually find my way around an argument.

I’m smart enough to be aware of the pitfalls faced by a generalist when opining on specialized topics, but I’m not smart enough to resist the temptation. I’m not particularly impressed by credentials, and I’m a compulsive enough thinker that most days I find myself latching on to an idea and formulating an opinion, for better or for worse.

I’m sure in a lot of areas I know just enough to be dangerous. But I also know I know, so hopefully I can limit the damage. If you see me talking smack, please let me hear about it in the comments. I want to get it right, not win the argument.